According to science: The more you hang out with mom, the longer she’ll live


Most of us are forced to cope with a difficult schedule. As we grow older, it becomes tougher and tougher to spend time with our mothers and our grandmothers. While this is typically understandable to them, that does not mean that you should ever fall into the trap of ignoring them.

Not only is hanging out with mom and grandma the best, scientists have conducted a study on the matter and their determinations will definitely surprise you. Spending time with your elderly relatives is even more crucial than you may have already realized.


The study showed that elderly relatives who receive the proper amount of companionship from their younger counterparts will actually live longer than those who do not. The adults in the study who were forced to spend more time alone lived for a shorter period of time than those who had more thoughtful relatives.

Loneliness and isolation tend to take their toll on everyone, no matter how old you may be, but the evidence regarding the effect on our elderly relatives is undeniable. We all need companionship in order to remain at our best and this need only continues to grow as we age.


The concept of senior homes tends to get a bad rap, but in reality, these places are much more necessary than most of us may have taken the time to realize. Befriending seniors is also mutually beneficial, as we are providing them with the companionship that they need, while receiving the sage advice that we desire.


The next time you find yourself wondering what one of your elderly relatives is up to, pick up the phone and give them a call. You may very well be giving them a much needed extension on their life span in the process. Be sure to share this story with your closest friends and family.

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