Study Reveals That Eating Cheese Could Be The Key To Helping You Live Longer

Cheese is one of the most lovable foods of all. We have to admit that we are somewhat judgmental towards those who do not enjoy it. It is such a versatile food and it can be consumed in a variety of different ways. While there are no competitors when it comes to cheese, did you know that it is actually linked to a longer and healthier life?

In addition to being delicious, cheese is thought to be good for us. Canada’s McMaster University is responsible for the study and they have taken a closer look at the cheese consumption habits of over 100,000 people. 21 countries were represented in the study. It was found that those who consume cheese at least twice a day had a decreased risk of heart disease or stroke.

This aspect of the study would be interesting enough by itself but did you know that there was a finding that was even more amazing? Those who do not eat cheese were found to have a higher rate of mortality. Their mortality is over 40 percent higher and we are absolutely stunned. Who knew that eating cheese would actually have this sort of effect?

Reading University’s Professor of Food Chain Nutrition believes that these findings could even shape the way that we look at dairy going forward. Ian Givens says that these findings show that saturated fats found in cheeses are actually not as harmful as the saturated fats found in other foods. It is too early for any ironclad assumptions but we are enjoying the news nonetheless.

For those who eat cheese on a regular basis, stories like this one are inspiring. Who doesn’t like to sit back with some of their favorite cheeses and pair them with awesome foods? The cheese aficionados out there will definitely want to share this one with all of their closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible. What an inspiring story.

In a world full of bad news and sad stories, isn’t it nice to hear something positive for once? Be sure to pass this along so that you can find out more about what your friends and family have to say. They are sure to appreciate this groundbreaking study as much as we have. If you are someone who steers clear of cheese, this study just might be able to change your mind for good. Share away, everyone!

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